Building Our Future Today


We recognize the importance and value of CCC’s service to the community by offering high quality education, partnerships, and leadership. We have reached a crossroads where critical enhancements must be made for the College to stay the course as an educational leader. We are excited to present the Building Our Future Today capital campaign to raise $3.9 million to move Carteret Community College toward our strategic vision becoming the top community college in Maritime Technologies, STEM education, Hospitality and Culinary Arts, and Health Sciences while creating a collegiate campus environment.

To find out how to actively participate in the Building Our Future Today Campaign, pelase contact Brenda Reash at (252) 222-6262 or

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Maritime Center of Excellence


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM


Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center


Health Simulation Equipment


Collegiate Campus Environment


Campaign Goals: $3,925,963


Connect NC Bond Referendum—Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center


CC Board of Commissioners Matching Funds—Hosp. and Culinary Arts Center


Carteret Community College Planning Funds


Carteret Community College Foundation


Golden Leaf Foundation Equipment Grant


Private Donations


Campaign Funds Secured: $5,380,922

Examples of Naming Opportunities

$500,000 Dining & Conference Area (Includes Outside Patio)

$200,000 Culinary Lab 2-Equipment for Commercial Kitchen

$200,000 Health Sciences Equipment (Radiography Lab

$100,000 Culinary Lab 1-Equipment for Foundational Skills

$100,000 Health Sciences Equipment (Nursing Lab)

$100,000 Hospitality Lab Simulation Equipment

$50,000 Baking & Pastry Lab Equipment

$50,000 Cold Shop Lab (Chocolate & Confection) Equipment

$25,000 Culinary Classrooms (3) with Computing Technology

$25,000 Hospitality Classroom (2)


CCC Foundation

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